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What is Transportation Management System (TMS)?

Transportation Management System as a collection of integrated technologies that must address the full complement of operational needs in a transportation company. These include everything from load management and dispatching, to on-board computer technologies for compliance, and ultimately analysis tools to monitor the bottom line.

A modern TMS has to create and support efficient processes and let the same number of people do more as the company grows. The system should have a very small IT footprint and should not require extensive computer infrastructure. Simple to activate, simple to manage, simple to use, and simple to find answers. We built LoadTrek software to satisfy these requirements.

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How People use LoadTrek Transportation Management System?

LoadTrek TMS is built for many types of users in each company. We divide users in two primary profiles. First group works with the detailed daily data such as uncovered loads, late trips, drivers out of compliance. Another group works with transportation analysis, summaries and exceptions such as fleet revenue vs non-revenue miles, fleet MPG, compliance violation trends. Here is the breakdown of the daily usage aggregated across functionality modules for one of our customers.

What is included with each bubble:


  • Create loads and load templates
  • Setup recurring schedules and driver assignments for automatic posting
  • Drag and drop load assignments
  • Track driver availability and off time
  • Validate load requirements and driver qualifications
  • Forecast HOS impact of routes and confirm hours availability in real-time
  • Track route execution in real-time between stops
  • Receive route late alerts


  • Audit paperless driver logs
  • Receive violation warnings from Electronic Logging Devices (ELD) in vehicles
  • Pass DOT audits with edit and validation history
  • Collect paperless Driver Vehicle Inspection Reports (DVIR) from vehicles in real-time
  • Retain records of repairs with DVIR records
  • Automatically compile miles traveled in each jurisdiction for IFTA reporting


  • Estimate rates based on distance, time and history
  • Apply accessorial charges and tariffs
  • Complete loads with delivery confirmations and driver entered document numbers
  • Export billed data to QuickBooks, Microsoft GP, and other accounting packages


  • Review real-time load profitability based on the on-board computer vehicle data
  • View graphical company KPI trends
  • Analyze driver scorecards and individual driver performance
  • View comprehensive utilization graphs


  • Communicate with two-way real-time messaging
  • Send trackable route updates
  • Review Arrival / Departure / Load Delivery data


  • Setup PM tracking
  • Real-time vehicle location
  • Receive repair request from drivers
  • Process electronic DVIRs
  • Track repair and service history

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