ELD Mandate Basics

The final rule, also know as an ELD Mandate, has been published in the Federal Register on December 16th. The final rule affects three areas: driver duties and protections, fleet responsibilities, and technical requirements for ELD suppliers. The new set of requirements are now described in Part 395.16 of the FAR.

Companies and drivers have 24 month to comply with the rule and implement Electronic Logging Devices in their fleets. The compliance deadline is January, 2018.

Companies that had Electronic On Board Recorders implemented prior to the December 16th, 2015 will have additional two years to comply with the new rule. (EOBRs must be compliant with the old Part 395.15 to be included into the grandfather clause).  The grandfather clause extends the compliance deadline to four full years.

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Questions and Answers

Q: Who will be mandated to have the Electronic Logging Devices in their Vehicles?

A: Any transportation company, or a driver that currently has to maintain paper or electronic logbooks will be required to implement ELD technology in their fleet. That includes companies operating Class 8 and Class 7 vehicles. The only exception are the drivers that required to maintain HOS logs less then 8 day in a months.

Q: When does the rule go into effect?

A: The rule is in effect as of December 16th. Companies will until January, 2018, to comply with the rule and implement Electronic Logs in the fleet, to train drivers and completely switch to electronic reporting.

Q: How long does ELD implementation take?

A: ELD implementation largely depend on the company size and the type of operations. We recommend allocating 9 months for the complete project: 3 months to review the available vendors, 3 months to order, install equipment and conduct initial training, 3 months to operate on the new system, to establish and validate the new auditing procedures.

Q: How much does a standard ELD setup cost?

A: The government estimates the average cost of the ELD compliant with the new regulations at $1,700.00. We believe the estimates are too high, and believe customers can focus on the ELDs with the price point between $450 – $799. LoadTrek among other vendors provide compliant units below that mark.

Q: Training Drivers and Office Staff, is it complicated?

A: Driver training and training of the office staff does not have to be complicated but depends on the vendor’s interface. With the LoadTrek solution we see driver training requiring 10 minutes per driver individually, or about 45 minutes in a group of twenty drivers. Training office staff takes about 2 hours of on-line webinar time for all required features of the software. LoadTrek application includes on-board video to facilitate self-training and review.

Q: How do we know if the vendor is compliant?

A: Federal government will maintain a website listing the compliant vendors. Vendors will be required to self-certify following procedure defined by the federal agencies. The agencies may test ELD’s against the same procedures and remove the non-compliant vendors from the registry.

Q: Are tablets compliant with the new ELD Mandate?

A: Yes, tablets are compliant as long as they communicate with the hard mounted ELD. The hard-mounted ELD must derive its primary movement and mileage information from the vehicle ECM.

Q: We only have one computer, how much equipment is required?

A: Many systems including LoadTrek are completely web-based and require only a basic computer with an Internet connection or a tablet.

Q: Can an ELD support my special exemptions such as oilfield rules, agricultural exemption, or a short-haul rule.

A: Some systems such as LoadTrek are capable of varied profiles that support industry exemptions, intra-state profiles, and rules unique to some verticals such as oilfield. Please ensure your vendor can support HOS profile flexibility.

Q: How accurate are ELD’s?

A: ELD are very accurate electronic devices. They receive information from the engine computers to calculate mileage traveled, and from the GPS to accurately define a location of vehicles and duty changes. In combination ELD’s can provide highly accurate, robust and reliable driver logs with automated duty status changes.

Q: What are the technical requirements for the compliant ELD?

A: The list of requirements is very detailed but you can find a good summary on our blog.

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