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Dispatching Software That Changes Everything

What is the best description of the dispatching software that your company is using?


Does your company fall into one of the above categories? Probably. If yes, please read on.

Timeline Load

A dispatching tool is a must. Even small companies have so much to track. What loads need to be picked up, and when? What drivers are available for the assignment? What drivers know what to do tomorrow? Has it been done? Did the company bill for all the work, and each load?

As the company grows larger and the operations more complex, the requirements for the dispatching system increase right alongside. Quickly, the software can become too complicated, difficult to use, and can require extensive training.

What if there were a web dispatching tool that is beautifully designed, easy to use, and that packs the features you expect from a comprehensive product? There is! We call it LoadTrek Timeline.

Let’s discuss each of the above scenarios and how LoadTrek Timeline fits as a solution.

1. My company uses spreadsheets – It is the time for Timeline!

Spreadsheets are great! But in a dispatching environment they have many flaws. For example:


LoadTrek Timeline keeps the process simple, but solves these common pitfalls. It is a cloud-based software that relays all changes to every user, at once. It catches problems before they happen. It sends driver schedules to the internet driver portal, and instantly updates dispatchers once the drivers check in. It flags loads that ran but have not been billed.

It does much more and is easy to learn. After two video tutorials, users will navigate with confidence.

2. Our dispatching software is too basic – accomplish more with Timeline!

Timeline packs a lot of features into an intuitive [easy, simple, streamlined] interface, and you are free to make use of as many or as few as you need.


Enter loads quickly on the desktop or a tablet. Timeline can suggest rates for your load, and show you the rates that you charged for the same loads before.

Timeline can help dispatchers find available drivers, and organize multiple loads into a single route. As the drivers’ routes are created, the system immediately provides feedback on the empty miles for each trip, improving efficiency in the process.

If you run Android tablets or on-board ELDs in vehicles, Timeline will integrate real-time updates into its monitoring overviews, displaying to dispatchers routes that are late or loads that have not been picked up on schedule.

Still, there is more…

3. The dispatching software our company uses is too complicated – get to know Timeline’s modern design

There are dispatching products on the market today that offer very rich features sets, but many have not changed much since the 1990s. They could be difficult to use, so much so that some features are never implemented.


TImeline is a huge departure from the status quo. It offers many features of the established products, but packages everything into a modern web- and tablet-enabled software that is beautiful, easy to use, and intuitive to learn. Let dispatchers skip multi-day training classes – They will become productive using the software, right away!

Sign up for a free 60-day trial. There is no credit card required and we will help with the first few steps.

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Written by: Egor Korneev
Edited by: Dushan Yovovich

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